About Us

The Foundation Article 12


The aim of the foundation is: to provide information about and promote the right to privacy as described in Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to perform everything related to or conducive to this.

Action points

  • Supporting a privacy-oriented TOR project in the form of setting up and maintaining TOR servers.

With Tor, The Onion Router in full, internet traffic is routed through different tunnels to make it more difficult to trace the internet traffic. About 2.5 million people use the Tor network every day to protect their privacy, as well as to visit websites that are blocked in their country of origin.

The servers that make up the Tor network are public. Regimes that do not want their population to use the Tor network can block the IP addresses of all these servers. To get around such blockages, there are “Tor bridges”. These are private Tor servers that act as a springboard to access the Tor network. Not only are the Tor bridges private, they can also modify their network traffic, making it difficult to see someone using Tor.

The foundation will focus on setting up TOR middle servers and “Tor bridges”.

  • Providing information about current privacy issues.

This is done by maintaining a blog. The blog is maintained by a volunteer team.

  • Organizing workshops with the aim of providing information about exercising your right to digital privacy.
  • Setting up, maintaining and giving public access to a Jabber chat server using the XMPP communication protocol and OTR security. This chat server will be accessible to everyone for free. Access to this server is only given via TOR.
  • Providing and maintaining a Chat APP for android that can be used by anyone to chat. Of course this APP is free.